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Reduce Cost 

Improve Quality

Intelligent Type

Blood Collection Tube Production Overall Solution

(Labeling on Final Products)

Features for Intelligent Type Vacuum Blood Collection Tube Production Line:

▶ ​16 Online Quality InspectionReduce 62.5 % Labor Cost & Ensure the Quality of Each Tube

 ​Intelligent Vision Quality Inspection System

16 online quality inspection, reduce labor cost & ensure the quality of each tube

Equipped with rejects automatic removing device & automatic supplement device

Online vision inspection, automatic removing unqualified products, automatic materials supplement to ensure continuously running of next steps

 ​With the Least Noise Production

High speed & low noise electric cap feeding device

HONGREAT newly developed techonology. Electric cap feeding instead of traditional vibration bowl, to ensure no any damage to the cap & reduce the noise dramatically

▶ ​Full Automatic Blood Collection Tube Production, Only 1 Time Human Touch, to Ensure the Cleanness of the Final Product

Only one time human touch to the tubes (tube loading) during the whole production, reduced tube pollution by labor hand, to ensure the quality & cleanness of the final products

▶ ​Main Production Process

Automatic tube loading >> Reverse tube detection >>  Reagent dosing >> Drying >>  Cap adding >> Vacuuming & cap pressing >> Vacuuming inspection >>  Reagent inspection >> Online label printing >> Labeling >> Labeling inspection >> Foam tray loading >>  Sealing & shrink packaging