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Raw Materials for Blood Collection Tube
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A. Tube Cap
Application: To avoid the blood specimen to be spilled out when the tube is opened either by hand or instruments. Also to avoid directly touch by the operator’s hands to the blooded tube neck and rubber while opening the tube.
B. Medicinal Butyl Rubber
Application: To keep the tube vacuum before tube expiry date.
C. Blood Collection Tube
Application: To keep the vacuum before tube expiry date. To keep the additive property & to storage the blood.
Material: PET and medicinal neutral borosilicate glass.
Differences between glass tube and PET tube:

Glass Tube

PET Tube

Non eco-friendly


Fragile, not good for transportation & not safe for clinical application

Unbreakable, good for transportation & safe for application

With good hermeticity

With good hermeticity

With bad hydrophobicity

With good hydrophobicity

With good water-holding capacity

With bad water-holding capacity

With complicated pre-production process

No need any pre-production process

Tube color will be changed with irradiation sterilization. Thus will affect the observation of the inside material.

With good durability for the irradiation sterilization